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best wordpress wedding themes

Beautiful WordPress Wedding Themes

Wedding is one of the most important day for lovely couples. The wedding must be perfect in terms choosing the motif colors, the place, props and other stuffs that an awesome wedding could have. Just like also in choosing the best WordPress … Read More...

WordPress Tutorials

125x125 banner ads

How To Add 125×125 Banner Ads in WordPress

There are different ways how to make money on your website. Most of the websites are displaying banner ads on their website to generate some revenue. Banner advertising is one of the best way to do it. You can have someone to rent your ad space or … Read More...

wordpress security plugins

Best WordPress Security Plugins

Hacking is very popular in the world of internet nowadays. Any websites can be hacked even large companies can’t escape with it like Sony and Apple. This means nothing in the internet is really 100% secured. WordPress is very popular CMS platform … Read More...

sticky widget

How To Add Sticky Widget In WordPress

Sidebar is one of the critical components of a website. It contains additional materials that website owners wanted to showcase to their viewers alongside with the main article. Sidebar is commonly used by widgets for opt-in forms, latest post, … Read More...


Best Web Development Tools For WordPress

As a WordPress Developer, we are using different tools to assist our web development projects. We use these tools to make our work more easier and making sure that our project are working properly and safe. In this blog post Im going to share some … Read More...

WordPress 4.2

Latest WordPress 4.2.3 is Now Available

Latest version of WordPress is now available. WordPress 4.2.3 is a security release for the last version of WordPress. They strongly recommend to update all WordPress website right away. WordPress versions 4.2.2 and its previous version are … Read More...